2 Wheeled Containers

Our Sulo 2 wheeled Container System is built to last in outdoor environments

Standard Colour Options:


Special Colour Options:


Safety and Handling

  • Double angle rail for optimal safety during emptying
  • Safe and easy to maneuver.
  • Continuous handle on the body
  • Special ribs prevent containers from becoming jammed when stacked
  • Particularly stable due to external position of wheels
  • Open wheel case prevents accumulation of dirt
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces and rounded internal corners
  • No water ingress when opening lid

Material and Design

  • Polymer components injection moulded from specially designed HDPE
  • Resistant to decay, frost, heat and many chemicals
  • Special UV-stabilization provides excellent ageing characteristics
  • Metal components are corrosion resistant
  • Quiet-running solid rubber tires
  • Suitable for all DIN lifting equipment
  • Compatible with identification and weighing systems
  • Fitted as standard with chip nest in accordance with RAL GZ 951/1
MGB120L model
MGB240L model
Nominal Value :
120 litres
240 litres
Net Weight :
9.3 kg
14 kg
Maximum Load :
50 kg
96 kg
Permitted total weight :
60 kg
110 kg
Overall height (Side View) :
97.9 cm
114.8 cm
Overall Depth (top view) :
55 cm
73.6 cm
Overall Width (top view) :
50 cm
58.2 cm